Board Whisperer®

BoardWhispererBoard Whisperer® offers transition coaching, mentoring and facilitation for individuals and teams. Whether you want to give your career a serious boost, grow your enterprise beyond your wildest dreams, elegantly quit the job you hate or merely survive a promotion, executive coaching is for you. We help leaders push their own boundaries to the benefit of their career and that of the organisation.
Board Whisperer® provides guidance to boards of directors and mentoring to younger or less experienced directors.  Board Whisperer® operates worldwide in English and French.


Peter Tobin Consultancy (PTC) is a management consulting practice that was established in 1994. Over the past twenty years PTC has offered a range of services based on World Class methods, tools, frameworks and standards, to assist individuals, teams and organisations to improve their performance in a number of selected focus areas including Project Management, Knowledge Management, IT Governance and POPI Act compliance.

Follow the link for a complete list of 2017 workshops, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. containing the details.

Mpho-Entle Consultants

Mpho Entle iconGood governance is about the processes of making and implementing decisions.
It’s not about making ‘correct’ decisions, but about the best possible process for making and implementing those decisions.

Good decision-making processes, and therefore good governance, share several characteristics. All have a positive effect on various aspects of running a successful business, including consultation policies and practices, meeting procedures, service quality protocols, role clarification and good working relationships.  Good governance is an essential ingredient in corporate success and sustainable economic growth.


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