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Coaching & Mentoring

The 21st century leadership model will be based on coaching people to reach impossible dreams, build organizations that changes as fast as change, and workplaces where people give the gift of their passions, talents, and best ideas. 
— Robert Hargrove

Board Whisperer®

BoardWhispererBoard Whisperer® offers transition coaching, mentoring and facilitation for individuals and teams. Whether you want to give your career a serious boost, grow your enterprise beyond your wildest dreams, elegantly quit the job you hate or merely survive a promotion, executive coaching is for you. We help leaders push their own boundaries to the benefit of their career and that of the organisation.
Board Whisperer® provides guidance to boards of directors and mentoring to younger or less experienced directors.  Board Whisperer® operates worldwide in English and French.

"100-day" is a family of coaching & mentoring frameworks addressing recurring challenges faced by leaders and organisations. For more in this programme go to


Mpho-Entle Consultants

Mpho Entle iconMpho-Entle Consulting is invested in human capital and embraces the uniqueness of businesses to change the economy of South Africa. We believe that if we change the people, then we change the economy as they will become better people.
Our business model is based on transforming businesses for the better and assisting them to accomplish their business objectives. We aim to identify the needs of the businesses, working with them to find solutions and implement those solutions, transforming them to ensure that they function optimally in all aspects of Business. We also want to bring out the best in people, tap into those unused talents and be the best they can be.
The other area of focus is mentoring NGOs and small businesses to assist them in terms of management and compliance of their businesses. Our aim is to open an academy where people can learn how to operate and manage their NGOs and businesses optimally.


MindskillsMindskills assists business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders and corporate organisations to optimise their talents, skills and values to enable their own and others’ success. Through a process of coaching, Mindskills assists in aligning individuals with the company - setting up long and short-term goals and formulating clear action plans. Mindskills has a specific methodology of coaching with the brain in mind. The core of this coaching methodology lies in neuroscience, more specifically the impact of thoughts, belief systems and perceptions on the brain and the activation of neurochemicals.

Redefine Human Capital

Redefine Human CapitalRedefine Human Capital (RHC) is a strategic human resource provider, delivering high quality leadership and organisational solutions in the areas of Recruitment, Career Management and Human Resource Consulting. Our prime role is to assist our clients to identify needs, develop an action plan and facilitate change to enhance the success of your organisation. Our management, human resource, and training services are designed to improve productivity, efficiency, communication and employee morale. RHC is Apso accredited and a certified Level-1 BBB-EE supplier.

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