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365 Days of Activism Against the Abuse of Females (Women and Girls) by Males (Men and Boys) - a pandemic by any other name.

Tile image News room“In his speech on 11th January 2020, on progress in South Africa’s effort to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, President Cyril Ramaphosa reminded the nation that we are facing a second pandemic, that of gender-based violence and femicide. More specifically, he referred to the country’s efforts to end harassment at work, stating that ‘South Africa is in the process of ratifying ILO Convention 190, which establishes a global standard for the protection of women and other vulnerable groups in the world of work’. It provides for specific measures to address gender-based violence and harassment and acknowledges that gender-based violence and harassment disproportionately affects women and girls.“

“You can read or download the full article on 365 Days of Activism here.”

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