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The Leader's Walk

Talk at the 30% Club on the 17th March 2020

Topic: What is the mental map of a creative fashion designer that you use to apply in the business world.leaders01

Each of us can have access to the skills of exceptional people and use their methods.

One of Clive’s talents is “Perceptual madness”

His key question regarding this talent is:

What is your conversation with the universe?

As soon as you name ‘things”, you freeze reality.

Could you explore beyond labels in a new and creative way to see the universe? It is like being naturally intoxicated without using real drugs. What you see is always OK. It is your own magical perception.



Guest speakers:leaders02

Alain WILLEM: Executive coach

Activating the extraordinary in successful executives

Clive Rundle: Fashion designer and lucid dreamer

Clothes are like your second skin.

The Process

Alain used his proprietary application called “My5Questions” to coach Clive and model his “Perceptual madness”.


We started to show an amazing video of Clive’s collection (10 minutes)

To view the video, Google “SA fashion week, Clive Rundle, April 2019”.

The song is “Wild Horses” from Susan Boyle.

2. Additional amazing concepts that define Clive’s creative thinking.

  • To make the ugly beautiful, make it more ugly
  • Make the familiar, strange. i.e. What is a tree, really?
  • Look beyond labels: Labelling things freezes our reality!


3. Alain introduced the Methodology of “My5Questions” application

If the quality of your life depends of the quality of your questions, what are the better questions you could ask yourself to be at your best?

So, what are the 5 unspoken questions that prompt you to act at your best? 

Exchanging your mental-map for excellence, modelled as 5 belief-questions that prompt you to act at your best, is like exchanging your best contacts, Apps and music on your cell phone. Then everybody will perform better!

“My5Questions” is a proprietary application developed by Alain. It is a simple way of modelling our implicit beliefs for excellence and exchanging these beliefs so that we all perform better.


4. Clive Rundle’s talent: Perceptual madness  

4.1 Clive’s Mental Map that manifests Perceptual Madnessleaders04

5 questions he asks himself automatically

  1. What is this really? (I.e. looking at a tree)
  2. Am I feeling it? (i.e. Are we connected?)
  3. Are we having a chat / conversation?
  4. Am I participating? (i.e. am I it?)
  5. Now what?  (Being open to the unknown)

4.2 Daily practice to cultivate this talent:

How slowly could you go to get what you don’t see?

  • Stay still and curious and notice what is happening.
  • Use the language of love in your conversation

5. Practical outcome for the audience

Exercise: How could you reformulate Clive’s 5 questions with your own words in your world of work?

Here is an example of Alain’s “perceptual madness” reframed in his work as a team coach.



Alain’s talent = Perceptual awareness

Notice the reframing of the talent from madness to awareness.

5 questions to ask yourself at work.

  1. What is the elephant in the room?
  2. Am I feeling it?
  3. Do I really understand what it is all about?
  4. How am I participating in it?
  5. What can I do about it? 

Anchor your 5 questions:

Progressively embed your 5 belief-questions by doing the following:

  1. Record your questions on your cell phone and play them back to yourself every day for one month until they become automatic.
  2. Ask yourself: What daily practice could I do to cultivate this talent?

Contact to model your talent:

Alain Willem

Cell: +27 (0) 82 556 0441

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


LinkedIn: Alain Willem

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