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Generic Management Certificate Programme

generic management

Litha-Lethu Management Solutions has been accredited by BANKSETA (BANK-LautL180420) to provide the Generic Management Certificate Programme (5), Qualification 59201.

The certificate programme has been broken down into 10 short courses, or skills programmes, compulsory to this qualification and aligned with elective unit standards, which are generic to the programme. These short courses can be customised to suit the target audience and focus on developing the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values needed to fulfil the function of first line, or junior management (team leaders, supervisors, and section heads).

These practical, experiential short courses include:

  • An introduction to management, a two-day programme bearing 8 credits;
  • Promoting effective communication in a function, a two-day programme bearing 11 credits;
  • Building and empowering effective teams, a five-day programme bearing 27 credits;
  • Creating and managing an environment that promotes innovation through performance management and talent development, two, five-day programmes bearing 45 credits;
  • Promoting good governance, knowledge management and risk amelioration and creating an environment conducive to change, a five-day programme bearing 27 credits;
  • Managing organisational health and wellness, a two-day programme bearing 11 credits;
  • Branding and marketing financial management, a five-day programme bearing 35 credits;
  • Handling conflict situations, a three-day course bearing 16 credits;
  • Applying the principles of Emotional Intelligence and a systems approach to decision making, a two-day programme bearing 10 credits;
  • Principles of Project Management, a three-day course bearing 16 credits.

All these programmes are detailed on our website:

If you’re keen to empower your staff to acquire this qualification or, if your interested in building competence with a short course, call us on 011 484 7739, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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