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POPI - Another Bureaucratic Headache or Real Safety Measures?


For those businesses who are service providers to Government and other SOA's and SOE's, have you started adapting your internal processes to comply with POPI when it is finally gazetted?


Yes, we know that it is unlikely to come in before the 2016 SA Elections in May and that it will be a year or so before we need to become compliant, but what's the harm in doing the groundwork now, so that it's not all a mad rush later?


If you have offices in other African countries, you may wish to get going now, as POPI's stringent cross-border data transfer expectations could become a headache - information may not be relocated to countries with inadequate information protection frameworks!


There are some other considerations to think about which are available on a Blog article on Litha-Lethu's website, as well as a summary on the Act itself if you don't like lots of reading.

This article was submitted by Dr Peter Tobin.

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