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Social Media Marketing vs Content Marketing

Social vs Content

This article is submitted by Irene Pilavachi of KINGSWAY MARKETING.

I enjoyed this post from the Content Marketing Institute's website even though it is two years old, because it speaks to definitive truth, that is truth which is well-defined and is still relevant today.

Many people think that social media marketing is the same as content marketing and that's what Toby Murdock addresses in his article.

Toby uses what he calls the "centre of gravity" to define each concept which I thought helpful:


In social media marketing, the center of gravity — the focus of the marketing activity — is located within the social networks themselves. When marketers operate social media campaigns, they are operating inside of Facebook, inside of Twitter, inside of Google+, etc. As they produce content, they place it inside of these networks.


In contrast, the center of gravity for content marketing is a brand website — whether it be a branded URL like or a microsite for a brand’s specific product, like Amex’s Open Forum. Social networks are vital to the success of content marketing efforts, but here, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are used primarily as a distributor of links back to the content on the brand’s website — not as containers of the content itself.


Toby goes on to talk about the types of content, the objectives and also makes some comments about the evolution of online marketing.  Follow this link to read the whole article.

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