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Focus on stuff you "can control" in the face of a global pandemic

staying focused on staff 01

Is it possible to build the personal and team resilience needed to cope with the global and local response to the virus situation, while also maintaining the mindset required to ‘stay on task’?

As we learn to live with the ‘COVID-19 global pandemic’ there are many organisations around the world who are ill-prepared to meet the challenge of this major threat. This is true in general terms, and specifically relating to the morale, productivity and overall performance of their people across the globe. The result of this is that people are not well-resourced mentally to cope, as well as continue to perform through the crisis.

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Beverley Wajsman of Customer Centric Solutions (CCS) submitted this thought-provoking extract from the original article generated by Gazing Performance Systems. CCS is the SA Partner for Gazing.


staying focused on staff 02

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