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change transformation all origMuch has been written about what transformation is and isn't, what the difference is or might be between change and transformation, and what strategies and approaches should be used to best lead, implement and manage change /or transformation.

This article, submitted by Sharon Shakung of Sharon Shakung & Associates, provides the reader with the meaning of what transformation is, how it differs from simple 'change' and what considerations organisations should take into account before embarking on transformational change in their business.

Matters raised include the following:

  1. What does 'Transformation' mean?
  2. The requirements for organisational change
  3. Categories of change
  4. What transformation is NOT! This last comment says it all: "And last but not least, it is NOT transformation if it is a numbers game about race, gender, or people with disabilities. Addressing demographic imbalances of the past is only a fraction of the picture; much, much more needs to be done to achieve real organisational transformation."

As there is so much literature on the subject, it can be quite exhausting to try and get through it all and make sense of it. Read the full article here and get an overview of what you should know.

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