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5G Covid 19The man who first made fire was most certainly ostracised by his tribe for trying to play God. Thankfully, it did not take long for humans to realise that braaied meat tastes much better than raw meat, that fire keeps us warm in the winter, that it keeps predators at bay, that fire is actually beneficial. And progress moved on.

As we zoom through history, let’s salute Astérix who valiantly fought Romans who were bringing roads, running water, and central heating. It took almost two millennia for Gaul to recover and get adequate plumbing.

Moving through the centuries, let us give a nod to Galileo who narrowly escaped with his life for claiming that the world is spinning. And countless other innovators who made the modern world and the comforts we enjoy; often against ignorance and hostility of others.

And that brings us to the present era. When GSM mobile phones appeared in 1994, ill-informed factions predicted that we will all die of fried brains. Today, there are 7,806,142,681 subscribers to mobile phones. They are all WhatsApping, Googling, Zooming, FaceBooking, etc… with great gusto and suffering no harm other than that which they do to themselves.

5G is not a new technology. It is merely an evolution of something that has been used for a long time to the benefit of all of us. Close your eyes and reflect on what your life would be without your mobile phone; visualise a lockdown without the ability to interact with your fellow humans.

What 5G brings is better electronic communications through more efficient use of the spectrum. It means that, when the next epidemic occurs, it will be detected earlier and fought more successfully and lives will be saved. Noting more, but nothing less.

This article was submitted by Patrice Lasserre of Board Whisperer. If you are interested in contacting him, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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